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About the Plant Support
Willow Weaving Workshops at Willows Nursery


Spiral and banded woven ‘wigwam style’ plant supports

There are more photographs and
close ups on
This Page

This workshop will be available
during Spring 2017 - or later during
the year if you wish.

This will be a half day workshop
(lasting around 3 hours) and will cost 30 per person.

In this time you will be able to make  a willow ‘wigwam style’ or ‘column’ plant support.

If you have time left before the end of the session you can make a ‘corn dolly weave’ bird feeder.


‘Column’ plant supports

The following photographs are from willow plant support workshops when we ran them a few years ago


Thank you Kate, Natasha and Sarah for coming to my first plant support weaving session.

I think they will agree it was an enjoyable morning, weaving their own individually styled plant supports and chatting - made even better by the fact that the sun was shining so we could ‘work’ outside !


Thank you also to this group of creative ladies from Mawsley
 - Joan, Jean, Pam, Doreen & Ann - photographed ‘at work’ . . . .

. . . . and with their finished plant supports.


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