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Willow Weaving Workshops at Willows Nursery


Hello !

We plan to begin willow weaving workshops again very
soon - here at our Nursery in Northamptonshire!
The ‘barn’ (built by Les from ‘deconstucted’ pallets) - which in it's 20+ years has been home to puppies, geese, muscovy ducks, goats, a Piper Cub airplane and lots of ‘useful stuff’ - has been further ‘re-purposed’  to create a spacious workshop space

And the double decker bus next to it is almost finished. 
She will provide overnight accommodation for up to 8  people
if you would like to travel ‘from afar’ and stay over).

Please have a look at my ‘Workshops’ page for the
  type of willow weaving workshops I will be offering. 

So, if you have a group of 5 to 8 people who would like to try
(or do more) willow weaving, please get in touch if you would like to discuss arranging a workshop here at the Nursery. 

Anne Cordes

IMG_0020 (600 x 450) small

My website programme allows me to create a carousel of images - hopefully it will work for you (I’m still working on how to get the whole of some of the images displaying ! )

It shows some of my* latest creations which we have scattered around our Segway tracks as ‘quirky points of interest’.

* Except the great horse which was made with our willow by the artist Laury Dizengremel

I am a member of The Basketmakers’ Association.

If you would like to find out more about the Association please visit the Basketmakers Association website www.basketassoc.org

Also for further information visit www.basketmaker.net

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